New Google Apps and Cybersecurity

We explore the newest update of Google Apps, how it has expanded its user base and who is Google going after. Do you know about the new features, access or languages? We also discuss Cyber Security, the latest hacks, malware ransom attacks and this poses a question; How secure is your digital business? Cyber Security and Confidentiality are a real concern to every company these days and we discuss the different levels of Cyber Security and how businesses are protecting themselves.

The newest update of Google Apps was just released, and our hosts Dave Erickson, Iman Kaur and Botond Seres explore the answers to popular questions about the Apps. How do you use Google? Do you know about the new features, access or languages? How do  the new Google Meet and other communication tools compare?
The Google Apps discussion leads to a deeper topic of Cyber Security, the latest Ransomware attacks and how businesses protect themselves, or at least ask the basic security questions. Hacking is now more of an organized crime operation than just random hackers trying to break into business for the fun of it. Smaller companies aren't even aware of the hacking problem and tend to deal with it by thinking antivirus software is enough, and also think ransomware only happens to large enterprise companies.

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New Google Apps and Cybersecurity
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