Team Management and TeamOPS

For anyone who has managed large or small teams of developers working on a project to develop a digital product, they know that team operations and motivation is a very complex subject. This month's guest, Myron McMillin, has 20+ years of experience in digital product development and the managing of digital product development teams. What is TeamOPS? What are the best tools and techniques for managing teams? What are the differences between managing small teams and large teams? What does Myron mean by “Software Development is a Team Sport”? Find the answers to these and other TeamOPS questions in the December edition of the ScreamingBox Technology and Business Rundown podcast.

On the December installment of the ScreamingBox Technology and Business Rundown podcast, our hosts discuss Team Management and TeamOPS with our special guest Myron McMillin of

Myron McMillin is an accomplished product management and software engineering leader with over 20 years of software experience across large enterprises and early-stage, high-growth companies. He has delivered B2B, B2C, SaaS, and mobile products that have generated millions in revenue and solved real problems for customers worldwide.

Throughout his career, he has helped some of the largest high-growth companies on the globe (in industries as diverse as enterprise software, life sciences, automotive, mobile technology, politics, and gaming) to create innovative and empathetic solutions that drove real change. He has been solving product problems and building bulletproof high-performance teams for the past 20 years.

Myron also led diverse teams from 2-200 that have touched every facet of product development, from product management to design to engineering to marketing. He knows firsthand how to get cross-discipline groups to align and perform at their best.

Having spent many years studying individual and team dynamics, especially in the trenches of product development, he has become a TeamOPS expert. He helped many teams to improve by making the work environment more human and focusing on building great habits, culture, continuous feedback, mentorship, and leadership. His current work focuses on creating better products, teams, and companies through incremental changes to behaviors, culture, and leadership. His most recent venture,, is transformative data-driven software built to act as a personal coach for software engineering teams.

Ever wanted to know how working on product development was different 20 years ago versus now? Is the productivity of software development 20 years ago similar to the set productivity that we have now? Is development a “team sport” and what does Myron mean by that? Is there a productivity difference between a large team or a small team? Are there any recurring personality patterns that tend to emerge within the team? What is the ideal team split between analysis and or architecture, developments and QA? Who should be the product owner, and how do they fit within a development team? Myron McMillin answers these questions and more in this episode of the ScreamingBox Technology and Business Rundown podcast.

Laugh, cry and shake your head with our hosts and our special guest, as they try to solve the world’s biggest team management problems in a 60 minute podcast.

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Team Management and TeamOPS
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